"Little attention has been given to racism and classism in the policies of Mayor Noam Bramson."

-Martin Sanchez, New Rochelle Democrat and former member of the school board and Human Rights Commission.

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Who Is Mayor Noam Bramson?

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson has a long and disturbing history of hostility and discrimination against the African-American community.

Mayor Bramson's Hostile Record

Mayor Bramson's resume includes being twice sued for racial discrimination, dismantling New Rochelle's only black majority district, using race against two African-American opponents, capping the number of minorities allowed to live in a new housing development, shut out minority businesses from government contracts, proposed eliminating the Human Rights Commission, and banned the NAACP President from historic Lincoln Park.

Here are the facts:

  • Twice sued for racial discrimination: FACT
    1. Noam Bramson was sued for violating the civil rights voting act when he created the redistricting plan that diluted New Rochelle's only black majority district.
      "A federal judge has ruled that the recently redrawn boundaries of New Rochelle's City Council districts violate the Voting Rights Act because the sole black majority district was diluted" (Associated Press, 12/12/03).
    2. Noam Bramson is currently being sued for racial discrimination over the creation of his garbage fee which unfairly targets minorities.
      "The fee is without regard to the actual cost of trash collection", said David Finger, attorney for the plaintiffs. "The people living in multifamily housing are paying a disproportionate portion of overall trash-collection. These people happen to be disproportionately minorities" (Talk of the Sound, 6/11/13).
  • Created the plan to dismantle New Rochelle's only majority black city council district: FACT
    In 2011, after the latest census, Noam Bramson was finally successful in dismantling New Rochelle's only black-majority district.
  • Used the race card to undermine and defeat his last two African-American opponents: FACT
    1. Used the race card to undermine and defeat last two African-American political opponents.
      Found guilty of an "unfair practice" by the Fair Campaign Practices Committee when he sent out an anonymous mailing essentially attacking his African-American opponent for Mayor for being an unwed dad (New Rochelle Patch, 11/5/11). Bramson intentionally did not send the mailer to members of the New Rochelle African-American community.
    2. Ken Jenkins, looking to make history as Westchester's first African-American County Executive was called the "front-runner" for the Democratic nomination for years (Politics on the Hudson, 1/11/12) but at the last minute Bramson somehow stole away the nomination pushing out Jenkins.
  • Shut out minority contractors and laborers from lucrative contracts and jobs: FACT
    1. Failed to enforce the city's Non-Discrimination and Employment Policy, also known as Resolution 205, in the building of the city-supported $100 million Heritage Homes Project.
    2. "... record of local minority hiring of skilled labor and subcontracting on the Heritage Homes Project is abysmal" (Talk of the Sound, 2/6/13).
  • Voted to cap the number of minorities in a brand new housing development: FACT
    1. Voted to limit the number of low-income blacks and Hispanics from the new Heritage Homes low-income housing development
    2. "The goal of (Bramson's) Hartley House redevelopment is to… attract persons of other racial backgrounds to purchase affordable housing in the complex in an effort to reduce minority concentration" (Talk of the Sound, 4/2/13).
  • Proposed eliminating the New Rochelle Human Rights Commission: FACT
    1. Proposed eliminating the Human Rights Commission
    2. "Noam Bramson proposed eliminating the commission to eliminate the conflicting jurisdictions…" (Journal News 3/19/02).

Mayor Bramson's most recent hostile actions came on Thursday, September 5th, 2013, when he threw the President of the NAACP, Ron Williams, out of historic Lincoln Park, a landmark for on of the most important civil rights cases in U.S. History, a case that established the concept of "de facto segregation" in the United States.

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Why did Mayor Bramson kick out the NAACP?

Because Ron Williams was there to endorse Rob Astorino's re-election to County Executive.

Why would the President of the NAACP endorse the Republican candidate against his hometown Democratic Mayor?

Exactly. And what does that tell you? Mayor Bramson is no friend to people of color.

Mayor Bramson's record just keeps going:

  • Said the decision of the NAACP President to endorse his opponent was like "Dog Bites Man"
  • Singled out New Rochelle's first African-American school board president, who also happens to support Rob Astorino, as a liar in a TV ad.
  • Supported Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama when they ran against each other in 2008.
  • While attending New Rochelle HS, told a reporter he had only one black friend because, "There are very few black people in honors classes." (New York Times, 3/30/87)
  • While serving on the student union at Harvard, tried eliminating funding for the African Students Association:  "...Vice Chair Noam Bramson'90 tried to eliminate the $1005.50 the finance committee had recommended to give the (African Students Association)." (The Harvard Crimson, 3/5/90).